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Dagbok - Oktober 2007

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Torsdag den 4 Oktober 2007

The messiah of shanty town street





naked on the inside 

and wonderous to the world.

Born in the shadows

of shanty town street,

where no real people could see her

where no-one could hear her baby wails.

For the mother all numb to the world,

starved out her hunger

through the holes in her hands, 

and the holes in her mother’s arms.


surviving childhood against the odds

she journeyed into teenage life,

with feelings carved from stone 

and a hot pulsating heart,

coated in lead.

A heart which compelled her

to move away 

from the paperbox homesteads

and seek her family’s fortune

in the concrete and neon palaces

of this mini-skirt messiah.


She bore the shame 

of the men she met with pride,

keen to provide

for the mother’s snow-white obsession

she never shared.

but she shared things with the men,

things she couldn’t see

and couldn’t feel 

in the beginning.

Things which sprouted wings 

and grew in the hollow space 

inside her body.


She told people that the brown spots

came from the dirt on the inside

and she couldn’t wash it away

no matter how hard she tried.

And when she died,

the dirty things had infected 

every part of her body,

except for the heart,

for that was coated in lead

and could not be touched

by the dirt of men.


And when her eyes finally closed

a new-born baby 

cried for the very first time

in shanty town street.



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