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Dagbok - November 2005

« Tillbaka till dagböcker

yeah. hot and creamy rubbish.

Torsdag den 24 November 2005

hot rubbish

what a strange night.
i don\'t like it.
everything about it is confusing.
nothing is important right now.
not even my homework.
songs are related to memories.
they mostly are, actually. if you want them to be.
and now
i\'m thinking of all the sad teenagers
sitting in their bedroom
praying for someone to listen
they all sing. in this very moment.
this night.
they all sing.
songs of sadness.
it\'s strange.
i feel so sorry for them.
yet i don\'t know,
if i\'m one of them.

i know it\'s pathetic
i know it all too well.



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november (1)