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sorted as Bottle Message no 12

Receipt from Space

Please do not answer this bottle message!
It only serves as a Reminder.

Good morning, dear Earthling!

Someone in Space now has answered Your bottle message.

According to our detectives, the source of the answering person can be located to planet Ompadoora. The answer in question reached our server system at 08:56 on July 11th in year 2013.

Transparent Pink is the color of the bottle, but could have been painted afterwards. Our panel of art students estimate the original nuance to be Total Black.

The actual text message follows like this:

"I Love Your choice of words!
Do Ya wanna make Love to me?"

It was printed from an extremely small computer, not necessarily located to Your part of the Universe.

There also is a big picture included in the bottle.
If You want to see the picture, log in to our Satellite for Secret parts of Space.

Since planet Ompadoora doesn't exist anymore, we have destroyed the original answer.

If this action doesn't meet Your pleasure, please don't hesitate to contact anyone (or many) among our psychologists!

Since 2013 doesn't exist yet (and maybe never will) we have choosed to give You an illusion of the answer being posted exactly 2 Earth-years earlier.

If this choice never was in line with Your planning calender, we can help You with Re-arranging it.

Every other kind of Reply must be sent to the answering person in person. If you didn't got some adress from him, her, it or them, then we recommend you to view this fact as the best way things could have turned out.

Anything else You want to have answered - we appreciate that You send us another bottle message!!








Övriga genrer av TrollTörnTrappan VIP
Läst 281 gånger
Publicerad 2010-07-11 11:15

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