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  Bangkok can be a very tricky town.


The middle aged succesful manager
of a multinational company, married,
three children in age 5-10-12
is on what he entrusted to the family
on a business trip abroad.

In Bangkok "Red Light" district
he is invited by a so called "Bar
lady"and after a short conversation
over a drink they go to the business-
mans hotel suite.

The barlady went directly to the
ladies room to get ready
and after she locks herself in
she calls her local Police friend.

It doesn't takes more than a few
minutes untill the police knocks on
the hotel rooms door.

The Police told the businessman
that the purchase of sexual service
is as forbidden in Thailand as in
his homecountry except that
Thailand has the harshest penaltry
scale for this crime.

The police explain the situation
that if he does not want to risk his
career, his freedom, his family etc....
he has to pay a bail for the silence.


Läst 62 gånger
Publicerad 2021-08-05 01:31

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