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Interview with 1 SIGFRIDSSON. (This was made on my birthday four years ago, now rewritten and a little updated.)

Tell me about your upcoming books.

It is books with poetry. There are little bits of Knowledge in them here and there. Then there was another book that was planned for a long time. We will see if I start to write it or not. I decided on not writing it for personal and extremely professional reasons two years ago. My chances of becoming “an established writer” are drained anyway. Not that I would even care to wish for that.
Today most writers try to get their share of egoistical recognition with pointless provocations while they drag themselves and the recipients further down the spiral. At this point in time I had the choice of writing meaningless poetry for a few or write poetry that is somewhat clever for less than a few. I don’t stand a chance in this current helpless and hopeless society. The warped Illusion is so overwhelming in this world.
However, there will be a demand for my writing when conformity and normality will start to become fairly sane again.

What are your plans for the future?

I wish to be more pretentious. Then simply separate the high from the low. I write everything for the future and our future is already done.

You worked with music before. Wish to tell us something about that?

Not really. Among other things I had a small and independent production company that released some records and organized concerts. Did that for a couple of years and I worked in a mix between DIY and semi-professional. I honestly regret every second of it. A total of ten years of my life down the drain for nothing. Did two dumb interviews a while back where I took the retro-perspective on that garbage and went along with it. I also got misquoted a bit. Why care? I honestly think that almost all music made in this deranged period we are soon leaving reeks. I remember when I got started that I thought that everyone must be involved in some kind of ongoing joke about music that I wanted to find out about.
Among other things I remember that I did a fanzine that looked really horrible. I could somewhat easily have made it look like a proper magazine. Had the idea that if I did it a bit lower at first then it would not strain me to better it for the next issue… (This could possibly be a sign of an underachiever.) Never had the thinking that one should always try the best one can. It all seemed so pointless. And I was right, of course. I am embittered by the whole thing with “music”. I recall that I was against censorship meanwhile being made unaware that people became rotten by consuming the junk-culture. Handing out “praise to scum” was accepted in “our” society. I cared for nothing that was happening in society as it seemed so boring. Etc.

OK. That might be a bit insulting to some. I do see a bit of what you are getting at here. Do you believe that you are better than everyone else?

I’m not saying that at all. I’m merely pointing out that there are some key ingredients that are lacking in the minds to be able to produce something really good. I have all my high hope in the future to come.
If we take my presented writing and hobby photography as an example, then you see that I have quite low standards, partly deliberately; and partly as I hold it to be good enough for the retarded time we are in. I don’t even care to have a proper camera as I just need to get a few photos to fill my books, a few for my blogs and some background photos that I can use for a magazine. So, I’m not a narcissist by any stretch of the imagination. If you wish to perceive it like that, then that is sad for you. I just own Knowledge others lack at the moment. Simple as that.

From where do you get inspiration? What is the Knowledge you mention?

Truth and my cleansed mind is my main inspiration. Inspiration also comes from nature, being the only place where I feel that there is something worthy embracing at the moment. Nature and existence itself is also known as; The Unknown God to whom the Gods turn.
I remember the breaking point for me some nineteen years ago. I stopped what I was doing and sold the junk I could get rid of and then burned the rest of my belongings. Moved around, on the run, working extremely hard to find the Answer. I had to practice “the art of imploding” instead of producing junk now and then to prove that I existed to others. Made my antidote against my foes. I absolutely alienated most of my old “normal” friends, they had no use for me anymore in their meaningless “careers”, so much for that kind of “friendship”. They also became convinced after a while that I had lost my marbles. They still believe that. I can’t really blame them for that; looking at the society we now have to live under and so many are victims of; then I surely can be seen as their foe to all that junk they are forced into believing, making and sadly; becoming.
The Knowledge I do have come from “forefathers” that I know and have met. Also, my own memory brings back much Knowledge. I promise that I now would never say or do anything that I’m not completely certain about.

You wanted to be a writer before this happened?

Yeah, if I didn’t know what I do know then I would probably have had a small career as a writer and musician.
I am all in for productivity. Still, that is not really where I should focus much of my own time with down here. I will be looked upon as someone who has “strange opinions” and that live after the “assumption” that the Gods are real… Until I am proven right. You ask me for proof? I say you should learn how to read history first. The Truth is exactly the opposite of what the majority now are able to accept any knowledge of. I rightfully feel a strong “pena ajena” against almost everyone at this point in time.

Are you Odinist or Asatru? What made you believe in this?

Both. Neither. Closest, from others viewpoint, would be some kind of Universal Odinist. (My definition of a Universal Odinist is someone who knows that Odin is Allfather and understand where the folk and cultures in this world come from, for starters. The definitions vary, and as I said it is closest, but I am not a Universal Odinist.) My “other” writing will of course be overlooked for a while because of this connection with “Asatru”. I'm not trying to be accepted as being a “Follower of the Gods” by anyone, or something like that. I have no deeper contact at all with anyone outside of us here that actually know that the Gods are real and the full impact and significance of this core reality. The rest are beyond reach at this point.
There is a notion that many have that they more or less need to be superhuman to be accepted by the Gods and that Asatru is only for the somewhat “perfect people”. So, they believe that there is little point in even trying to reach Asgard if they have any flaws. If you are worthy then you will be accepted. Seriously, it is never enough to just follow the Gods with words, you have to work for it or remain useless to the realities of life.
I know that most people are triggered to react like retarded children against everything outside their current consensus. I pity these that are now made to think and behave exactly like our hated foes. That was their final goal. Now suffering and death is their future and hope. Happy now? And stop projecting. Take responsibility. Laugh it up and deny it if you can. There will be humble pie later.

Your poetry is filled with some passages that are hard for me to understand.

As I stated earlier, I write for a future that is nearby. You need to know a few obvious things that will come later in time to be able to read it as intended. There are some poems that are written pretty basic and without any “passages”, so that anyone can read them without problems. Some of the temporary translations I have made are terrible. I cringed a bit when I published them on my blog. The poems GIVE LIFE!, STONES and GOTSALA are alright for now. And, it must be said that the straightforward articles are of more interest for everyone, except for the intelligent. Ha! Any interest in my poetry should be that it is partly written from the position of Core Knowledge.
This might surprise some when I say this, but I don’t strive to become “a poet”. The pressure involved in writing really immaculate poetry made me take another angle at it. It would be impossible to translate into other languages correctly if I wrote in another way, not that it can be translated completely, but it is now close enough. I also have to say that everything written from your own identity and perspective is meaningless without Truth. There is no “my own truth”. That is simply ridiculous. My own writing might be “personal”, but here and there it takes on the identity of the sum of everything and Knowledge. I sound very odd now. Anyway, that is as close as I wish to explain it.

I’m not sure if I fully understand this. You seem to have anger against society, writers and culture?

Absolutely. I am against junk.
On the contrary I do really care for writing, culture, arts and esthetics. Real culture is what binds the Gods together with humanity, apart from the blood that we all share. So, yes, I do care for what culture should be and can be. The present junk-culture that is everywhere is just filthy and it causes suffering and death for its victims. As a whole this present fake “culture” is so dirtied by the foes of the Gods. I mean, unbelievably filthy, to the point that it now must be trashed.

Trash all culture?

Junk-culture is not my definition of culture. It is just hobbies for the feeble that make no sense to spread around. For future reference then: I took an Oath to fulfill. I constantly have that responsibility with me. Most are partly clueless to what I’m referring to right now and fail to see clearly. They don’t even have the patience to read and try to understand what I’m telling them. The reason is that they haven’t been collectively informed yet. That’s how sad life is here now. If you seriously think that I will do my writing for any kind of warped search for fame, then you are in the dark. I do it to be sure that some information comes out and does some good in the near future.

You claim that there is a war on society that most lack knowledge of. Would you care to broaden our understanding?

The War of all Wars is real. The War is in everything and every being in existence. Knowledge of the Gods and this War of all Wars is our only hope to stay alive and win. If you are taught that we should be accepting towards our foes arsenal of words that brainwash and degenerate, then think again. Accepting our defilers and murderers? We are under the most extreme oppression there ever was and will be. It will not be alright and fine by itself. Ragnarok will come. Nothing will change that.
I don’t care if you don’t like me. You don’t have to. I probably don’t like you at all. Still, that is not of any bigger interest to our goal if I think you stink or not. We don’t need to mingle. When people are unknowingly controlled by parasite beings that constantly search to humiliate and thereby murder, then we must unite against it. Understand that they do not have any kind of love for us at all. They are parasitic on the Gods and their children and they hate us all. Whatever they say is of no significance at all. The only thing of any value they have managed to hand over to us is to show no mercy.

I have no more questions for now. Anything you want to add to this?

I have lots of things to add. I wish to be an obstacle that will always favor the sane. Remember that I will never become what you imagine me to be.
Hold Truth above all.


There you have it, my dear and undear friends.

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