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Whatever anyone is led to believe about the Gods of our world, we should first listen to the most basic Truth of all: They have the rights and the given might over this world, and other worlds. Not forgetting weapons and abilities that are stunning. The fact that humanity and other beings came from the Gods blood need to be told until understood.

Our foes have managed to parasite and nest some of their rotten eggs, since long ago, in all our real religions and cultures given our world. It is well known how they managed to be a parasite on Europeans to carry out their murdering and defilement scheme across the world, spreading sickness and lies, killing people in all continents that was Tru to the Gods. Currently the tactic still is; that Europeans should pay for being already forced into this slavery one very last time and end up being the most used up and slain in the history of the universe. Know without doubt that our foes write the fake history; dumb and mediocre books and start up organizations that go nowhere good in reality. I could mention some names, but I will leave that for others as their easy homework. (I try to not filth anything I write with their names, when that can be avoided.)

When I come across scribbling’s that are in the name of “Asatru”, or “Odinism”, I do often find small bits here and there that have sipped down that are quite good. Sadly, most of it contains complete rubbish made by clueless people that project their personal agenda, or it is old blatant lies and twisted propaganda; which simply cannot be just a misunderstanding to repeat as it could hold any Water… Know that when their fear made them to mix a little truth with insane lies; it is all a great lie. When junk comes from “within” Asatru and is spreading a false image of the Gods with harmful propaganda that will confuse what is obvious; it does scare away those that seek answers to maintain their existence. I will tell you now that there is no need in our new time to go back and touch any of it.
Claiming to be Asatru, a “follower” of the real Gods by some partly inherited blood, is perfectly fine. Then, by all definitions: All the people in the world are Asatru. If you have your identity clear then it is really about time you as a human being do something about its own well-being instead of asking dumb questions that has been answered to humanity thousands of years ago. The question about being “exclusive” as Asatru, and thus a follower of the Aesir and by that having the highest and only real human status in the world; is still futile without taking any real action in this world.

Some of the retarded lies that have been spread around:
That the Gods are imaginary beings made up by really bored people that wanted to give credit to them for people’s very existence, inventions and culture... That nobody really believe in the Gods existence… That Asatru has nothing in common with any other religions... That everything in Asatru is reconstruction… That Ragnarok has been, telling us all that we now live in a near perfect world together with the Gods… That our forefathers threw their parents from mountains to die when they were too old and weak to carry their own weight… That Asatru now is a “small religion” that nobody really can know anything about anymore... That Asatru is not a religion, when it is the only “religion” there is in our world… That all the real religions and cultures just by chance happened to have been spread all across this world in times when the folk in this world had no contact, telling us that the Gods existence is a mere coincidence in a timeline...

The list of lies with stunning garbage like this is endless. Should I lower myself to correct propaganda that anyone should be able to see right through? No. If you see things like this mentioned in a book then immediately stop reading it and run. No matter how plausible and convincing some “information” like this might seem, you must know that if it will try to drag down the Gods in any way, then be sure it is our soon to be dead foe leader that held the pen for a puppet. Anyone claiming to be Asatru and at the same time saying that they do not believe the Gods exist is clearly retarded or a retarded foe. Take your winning pick there.
Anyway, a few obvious things that are of importance to point out are:
You should NEVER leave anything of yourself, like hair or spit, at places where you can meet “spirits” or other “beings”.
Average people cannot become “shamans” and believe me; they would not want to be.
And, you all of course know that all “spirits” are humans.

The fake and utterly ridiculous “satanism” with the portrayal of the stinking little horned lamb was made to drag people away from their real “enemy”. It has absolutely nothing to do with reality; it is just a weapon, made by a silly narcissist who is so weak that he needs to be his own foe. The fact that all the people in that “satanism” are “christians/muslims”, most are reincarnated old “priests” of their fake religion and filth like that, forced into this “side” to uphold the silly Illusion by strengthening that plan as “good and evil”. Obviously, there is no real difference to be found. These are just the same useless scum that nobody wants.
I, and many others with me, have been strongly undermined from day one here. I know exactly how our foes work. There are beings; all “human” of course, that control thoughts and behaviour in this world through all channels they can get their filthy hands on. Nothing is to petty for them to filth down with their existence, be it “popular culture”, media, the fake new age “religion”, anything that will portray them as leading everything, or at least be used to maintain the Illusion for the fooled. Look to who really is in control around you and there you will easily find the controllers that continue to defile our world. With words they steal from humanity they drag down those in search for Truth and Life. Having a false and hollow authority to keep up their parasitic illusion of strength in numbers as a proof of superiority. (Needless to say; but it does prove the opposite reality.) It is all a frightening murder of the clueless that have let “the shadow of others” think for them and are fooled to not care about the joke that their life and this world has become. The old tactic of divide and conquer is still in use, now perhaps more evil than ever before. So, never trust easily in anything and in nothing that our foes do; it will all be from lies and a way to brainwash and murder in some way or another. I guarantee it. Do not accept what can never be acceptable. Closed minds are here and now equal to the most extreme suffering and extinction. Doing nothing of any kind of value in life must become a thing of the past.

And, it does matter greatly to everyone where their afterlife will be spent.

The Worlds are our reality.
The War of all wars is our reality.
We will fight in Ragnarok and win our new world.

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Läst 53 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-06 05:01

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