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There is little point now just before the New Time to be digging down inside the mindless people of today, even less of a point in looking into any of the serious “psychological” issues that are living out there as normalized behaviour from a deranged and alien construction against our world where freedom and knowledge is non-existent for far too many. To really examine this world at present would find us nothing valuable or real human in the mainstream society. It is not a real human behaviour we would be looking at in these people: It is the sickness from the lack of Knowledge. Many have already been deprived of their life in this middle-age period where our foes have control and are left to die with deranged minds that scream when their brainwash is being touched. That is the current situation in this world for many millions. To avoid our reality will give severe problems in life, worse than you might wish to imagine. You should look into why you really need to care about this matter.


“Nobody knows this or that. There is no proof of this or that. This is how it is now. I don’t want any problems. I just want peace. I live in the now.” I have heard this and other weak and emptyheaded responses all my life, and I’m sure most of you have as well. I went around for over a decade and said things somewhat like this and did not bother to acknowledge that it was the surrounding controlled society that left me with this garbage as just words that never was examined; just dumb words to blur out in conversations.

Well, dearest people of Midgard, a few of us do know how reality here, there and above works. There is proof enough for the Gods existence for everyone to see. To claim that you can prove anything, as some do and I don’t, really would mean that this fact mentioned is proven, so size up to it. That the temporary society have a consensus demanding the victims to hold as true and “living in the now”, regardless its grandiose lies, they call it “democracy” and such nonsense. Why it is calling itself democracy will remain a mystery equal to why the most deranged people, the least free of all in the history of this world can call themselves “right-thinking” or “liberated”. That is truly unbelievable. I need proof that these people really do exist. If you don’t want any problems then at least solve them by being educated, and with educated I do mean with the important knowledge in this world, like how to survive, be a real human and be free, for starters. Sure, we want peace and gladness; unfortunately we are in the middle of a war where anyone that will be seated down in “peace” is a dead victim of war, left incapable of being a part of reality and will pay dearly for being slow in the head and dead in the heart. I want peace, which is what we all are alive for here, but war it will be until after Ragnarok is won.


With many now leaving it to our foes to think for them, while they are handed over delusional and plausible theories that are made to rot society. And, by not being able to understand that their “life” is actually lower than what any free and sane insect have in their life is intolerable. Inside the Illusion we call “society”, or “the mainstream consensus in the present world”; there is a twisted and denying defense for anything aiming for low and filthy that can be heard spoken in common low-life argumentation: “You are not better. Everyone has the right to do what they want. I like whatever they say likes me. What is low and what is high? Who’s to say what is right?” In a warped world, like the one we most certainly have on our hands at present, we can see that the most good-hearted are often hiding under what poses as evil. For in them, or us if you so wish, it would seem that is where they can belong now as the world is understood and felt to be extremely evil, and they’re right. This really is a war of right versus wrong.
Thing is that without being aware of life and how it functions will make anyone act retarded and become completely useless for life. The present "instant-gratification-thinking" that produced so many tiny minds must become impossible to return to, I know that humanity is worth more and are better than this present state. Not that many would want to see their family or friends being made to act retarded and perverted, at least that much heart we all should have inside us, but they’re left here helpless against our foes when they are refused to find Truth. I’m quite amazed when people think they are well off, that they are in “a progression at work”, yet still not able to see any of the occurring events in the world in the correct light. They find it normal that society is declining and dying as it would be their “destiny” or such nonsense, these will try to “prove” that it really is a progression by blanking out all that would prove them wrong. They do not know why anyone should care at all, as they do not find anything high and worthy in their own life. These are brainwashed into actually embracing the present junk-society as to oppose it would be evil, and that really is the lowest form of life anyone can “live” under. That they seriously believe they can identify with the constructions and lies that built them this graveyard of a society of plausible theories is insane. They are still clueless to: “Where do we come from?” This was answered thousands of years ago to everyone in this world and is the most known and important answer there is. I of course know it. Do you?
That there is technical and some other forms of progression made by a few of us, some of it with a little support by the Gods, cannot eat away the only progression that matters for our being; and that is human progression. Toys and devices is not human progression. Period.


The future is not completely set and done yet. We can see certain things in the future so clearly that they will happen no matter what, but for example the coming of the Gods about fifteen years ago “failed”. This was already seen thousands of years ago and still it did not happen. I know the reasons. Well, some of it did really happen in the shadows, most of it still unknown to this world. There was, and still is, a war for the control of Time and some well-known beings got killed.
Foreseeing the future is a simple art when you know it; seeing what might happen in time and dragging it back in through the mind from minds that will be there to see the future. It could leave depression and confusion, or extreme gladness and might, in society when a time is near, or told to be near…, something important happening. As you would find out from reading some history on this subject is that foreseeing time has been used as a weapon for thousands of years. We can see what could happen, what will not happen and what will happen. Our strength is that we are on the side of Gods that can control time, that we have access to higher and older beings than our foe and his allies, that we are healthy enough in mind and have the highest knowledge, and we recognize that the Aesir are the Fathers and Mothers of many beings all over this world and in other worlds. We have everything here. We must live in this Knowledge here.


What might be interesting to see is the actual future if our foes would continue to have any kind of control and influence over our world. If the Gods will choose to not arise, (There are reasons for that not happening. I know the reasons.) and with that nothing of value will come and bring in a higher life here, then this could very well be “life” in this world:
Truth will be hidden and branded as mythology except for the lucky few. Everyone outside these hidden and protected pockets of reality will be sleeping in a mind-control where they are trained to defile themselves, work for our foes in the most extreme and sick slavery and then die after a life of being less than nothing. They will say that the lies from our foes must be protected at any cost, false ideologies that are mindboggling and completely insane speak of “structures” and classes, that there is something wrong and evil within our blood that must be changed or murdered for the better of this world... They will separate any society with class against class to have no class at all left that had minds clean enough to fight our foes. Usury of people that are to live separated by forcing them on each other by forcing them in on other countries is causing all racism and hatred in the process. Anyone opposing this is of course “filled with hate, dumb and uneducated, a racist etc.” Propaganda has taken the place of sanity. The weakest filth will be able to be the strongest by being helped to parasite freely on society. The more low and unwanted the better as symbols of a world in change, when there of course is nothing new in it. The brainwashed are happy and content if they get to eat and have a nice bed to sleep in while they are being raped in mind and body as they are plundered of their properties. The brainwashed will happily help this rape and plunder as much as they can, because they are so good and understanding… Everything in the old books of lies must be true whatever happens. Not that they understand what it is written in them, then they would change in a second…
Men and women will be clueless to how real men and women should act naturally since long ago. They have been made into acting like scum that has nothing human; nothing male or female, in them. With the zero harmony it gives to behave like the joke picture of the opposite gender, especially in a deranged time where few know anything at all, will leave us all with a life with less and less of human value. Value! They scream; what is that? Value? This should give a hint on how good and great any kind of “natural selection” works in a world made defect. People with personal agendas will spread propaganda to fill their loss of egoistical status. Wishing that their inner perversions they suffer under to be viewed as the normality; their misguided venom and hatred for anything cleaner and higher than them will be intense. These messed up minds in their sad desperation will find nowhere to go. Everyone will know that there is something wrong, but cannot find any answers.
The foes response to complaining about their brainwash tactics is that we, not them of course, shouldn’t have any old and boring morals and silly values as it will lead to an unhealthy ladder of higher and lower in the world and bring upon suffering and death for… them. Meanwhile nobody is doing much of any real worth for our world. The empty void in everyone will be so huge that nobody will care for anything or anybody. If these used and abused are lucky they will be killed early on in their life.

Of course you have noticed that this is just like the present state of our world for many and most. There is no way to go in that filth; it is less than nothingness and murder. If you like that then go away and be dead today, save us from you. Why should anyone care about you if you don’t care about yourself or others? I will not be a robot with trashed emotions, no knowledge, slain by our foes with no future or hope, at least not without a fight. How about you?

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Läst 46 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-06 05:07

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