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There will be no turning away from setting this world in its intended and rightful progression; acknowledging friend or foe. We are being attacked, so do not wonder why this currently twisted world is made to suit the lowest and most unwanted beings and why most of you are set up to work for them as their property. In the War of all Wars there is still work by our foe with taking away more and more of all higher Knowledge that is left here to find. The destruction of ancient findings, holding back science, forging of scriptures, backstabbing of our cultures, it is all still being made right now today. All kinds of higher knowledge, Truth withheld or on purpose “misunderstood” is not a joke. The reasons for this are never political. The reason is to conceal the Gods existence for as many as possible and thereby keeping this world deranged so that our foe can continue to murder without any complaints.


Reality is now close to gone from our world. Most people are filled with useless nonsense to the point that it’s a funny joke for our foes to play with these brainwashed and laugh at their products. It is all but humouring to have to witness the victims left with their silly hobbies, unnecessary psychological issues, perverted low-life “sexuality”, extreme junk-culture, and hatred wrongly aimed at themselves in a hopeless spiral of emptiness; awaiting a pitiful death. All this is sadly leaving behind nothing nowhere near any “human dignity”, or what a real human “naturally” should or could be inside and out. Hidden wide open and perfectly clear to see is that the world is being controlled and that nothing normal is going on in any society here. Our hated foes are making their last “winnings” before the new time enters; the weapons are wars and widespread filthy “religions” and ideologies causing defilement and death. For those thinking they will get by anyway and somehow be safe from the War of all Wars can rest assured that there is no hiding.

Many act on mind-controlled impulses like robots, the last thing we all personally want; maybe the last thing we would like to personally acknowledge. Having a hard time to focus, fighting with confused feelings and questions, rarely able to plan ahead or think correctly is now normal; and that is not normal... This is not just the product of some of our food and drinks that is manipulated to be a weapon to poison our bodies and minds. (You should know by whom by know.) Nor is it that the TV or computer in itself owns some kind of degrading effect on the mind. The reason is that our foe has a mind-control over the majority of people with the help of his prostitutes and perverts, that is “angels” and other low-life victims. They place the worst “people” that can be accepted as their fake “idols/ideals” in power. Then, of course, sit and play on the opposing side, as always, and of course “strongly” react against this and that with “high morals”, saying it really is Odin and the Gods playing the role of “the evil demons” that wish to kill all people in the world, so beware… To make these dumb people realize they are fooled by their own evil foe is ruled out, as it would mean the obvious fact that they are made into complete scum living in lies. That cannot be true, but it is. And, “the open-minded” (That would mean in translation from Retardedville language that you accept any kind of pointless filth, and at the same time are forced to look away from anything high, good or true. As in most things these “liberal democrat open-minded” are at their best just airheaded and narrow-minded jokes.

People in this temporary state of the world too often become what others believe they are, or rather what they are forced to be. Man has become the silliest imaginable bi-product of what he is forced to consume. All of these are believing they have ”free will” inside their brainwash, that they are following a correct and current history that is something so very natural and progressive! Meanwhile, the society will as a silenced down rule refuse to acknowledge the fact that it is “their own” messed up society that causes the majority to be severely psychologically ill and fooled beyond belief. (If the system is a complete failure, why should anyone keep them in power?) When insanity and perversion in mind now is normalized through fake ideologies and “religious” beliefs that only can be described as ridiculous and evil; and of course not needed or necessary, here to be practiced by many as the only “socially acceptable behavior”, then there is a huge problem to be, well… very easily solved. Just get the Knowledge about the Gods.
Take a look at any given society and see who it works for and against. Then add that there are many thousands working on “the great plan/pain”, most without knowing they cause their own and our downfall. They only care about carrying out orders and are fooled to believe they are important, orders given by what they apparently must think is a real “god”, who in turn wish them all and our world nothing good. They refuse to see they’re only doing masked evil and are at the moment not capable to see anything at all above ground. Well, the time when the best faker was the winner never was...

At this moment in time the lowest and filthiest, truly the least suited to be given any kind of influence, are fully supported to lead way and work as puppets (From “kings” down to head of state and way down to puny entertainment and media.) to control the mindless with lies and nonsense. Many will copy any dumb behaviour that will seem to give them advantages over others, it will be costly... It really is a complete horror around us. These controlled minds are led down to confuse our technical progression with human degeneration, which is just unbelievable... We can never really blame the dragged down, they did not have any access to any knowledge about life in general that would give them protection and a real choice of what free will or a real human life on the side of the Gods would encompass. This was all done from inside the temples of filth and lies that stand erected in almost every village and town around in most of this world at the moment. It is perfectly clear to most that society is under control for conducting behaviour and opinions, all these imagined and confused junk-identities. Looking back in history I doubt many can avoid finding people that already have had every kind of behaviour imaginable in different periods of time. There is no gain to anyone to be a dumb joke. Trust me on that. For anyone that still believe that this time between the Gods time was all about some kind of meaningless political reason or a question about money; that people are dragged into wars and junk like popular culture for no reason, really should open their eyes to the world now.


The social engineering and mind control have people waiting in line to be fed down their throats, but this will rarely hit home when being focused upon. Or does it for you? Well, these temporary constructions around on how to think, live and behave, will of course cease to be as soon as people realize that there is actually something valuable in life that they really need. Our societies will always be under someone’s control up to a point. So, we have to choose the right control for our own behavior and life.
In the very strange construction of separating love from sexuality, a weapon that our foe managed to spread around in the last fifty or so years on a larger scale; it is all too clear what the purpose is. Not only is the construction itself ridiculous, it is also dangerous as it dirties the mind and with it emotions like love and having a clean and healthy sexuality. The victims pose with really low-life values as it would be high and open-minded, so gone in the head that they have to fake their emotions and pretend to be “modern and progressive”… As we all (should) know; it is shaping these people to be empty, sick and filthy. If they knew how hard our foe works with separating, that means murdering European tribes with “yellow and black” by brainwash, direct forced mind rape and directly conducted physical rapes on order; everything imaginable to make low-life men wish for “real women” somewhere else in the world and the low-life women that nobody want to be free prostitutes to anything. This is the real sick racism by “Jehovah” in progress, more or less this is all of his “great plan” for the current world. I am not joking. He is murdering what he is very afraid of.
These kinds of constructions are made for the rotten to flourish and drag everyone down (More or less.) for a single reason: It defiles and kills. We see these emotionally rotten and dead that know their hardness in heart, not knowing it is just weakness. To dare call all this crap “the great plan” like our filthy little foe whore does is insulting to intelligence itself. The foes of the Gods wish to show that the world that it is not deemed worthy survival and break down all moral normality and our lust for life in the process. All this garbage our foe is producing, by stealing anything he can find and use, must become meaningless and forgotten.


That “low-life imbeciles” really are sought out and set in “power” is well-known, promised whatever they would want and can imagine... They will of course get nothing in the end. Or, if they are lucky, they can just get some visions in their minds which will work like a drug, so they really got something, those lucky guys… I mean, seriously, who really would want them in the long run? Would you? These, the least suited, are placed here to control you; it is truly a horror to witness. We must stop to look away. This is what happens when our parasites have control: It is worse than just death. It will be costly to clean out this world, but what is the alternative? To die like brainwashed filth in a world lost for all good and high life. It is enough with the children and female slaves they already have taken and used as their sex-slaves in their paradise for sub-human scum. All descendants from the Gods are of course not allowed to enter the filthiest of realms, if some of them are made into deranged fools that give their life away, then what can be done? I have met many of our foes, and I have seen their place. Their paradise is like a brothel filled with the ugliest and filthiest “men” you could imagine, the “women” are servants and sex-slaves, and the taste they have... It is like a caveman dreamt of what a perfect place should be, tacky low-class garbage, its exactly like what a new rich scumbag would do that knows deep down that he actually belongs in a cave guarding and molesting sheep, trying to impress people far over him with stolen goods that are expensive, but it is just a laughable mess. That some of them have learnt a way to shine, like the Norns do, is just not impressing to anyone with Knowledge... I find them all pathetic. Neither will it take away the fact that their “highest” are just black magicians, child molesters, haters of anything high and holy that they can never become, the little they have is all filth. That we, dogs as we are, part wolf to be more precise, are what they all feed on makes me sick. I long for the day when they are all dead.
You might think that for example that all these “terrorist attacks” over the years can only come from a deranged mind, it sure does. It is ordered by our foe to try to start a war between Western countries and “Arabic” countries. (There is more to it, of course, through controlled channels in media. Etc.) And, our foe is on neither side in reality, but controlling and sucking life from both. This parasite must be burned out of our world. He can of course never win, he does not have the power, but we must minimize the damage it causes. To lower myself down just to be able to speak about our foe and his dirt has taken years and years, but it had to be done.

The instigators of the junk-culture that “shapes” the scum of the earth are hard to catch in daylight, still they are there. It works like this: They have forced their way in with magic, tricks or stolen money to use media, politics and entertainment, selling dumb and sick people as their products on display so that their victims may copy what is “right” and gives “success” in society… In older times they used the same control through their churches, often with the most perverted they could find, or can make into a pervert, as a leader to spread sick filth into society. In reality they bring what nobody wants to the table, causing deranged extremity and sickness in a world they own nothing in. The completely unacceptable lies of our foe became “normalized” for the slow in mind many decades ago. Now it is time again for a new time, the first real change in a long time. Are we better than our foe? We own this world. There is no comparison to be made. We do not need or want to harm what we are.
If you take any kind of part of our foes crimes after really understanding what I have written, then you really should wish yourself to be dead and gone for our new time is near you.

Odin, of course, owns this world. And, if you by chance have missed out this fact; the most basic fact there is in this world, then how clever are you?

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Publicerad 2023-12-07 02:08

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