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Text på engelska om förlorad kärlek

No m'dear

I don’t believe in happiness,
No m’dear I don’t
I was happy in the summer of 2000
No, m’dear I won’t
Ever go there again

I don’t believe in good things happening
There’s always a price to pay
The numb and uneventful
Is the place I’ll go to play
Insulated by my fears
Isolated and never gay
Is a much safer place to play
No laughs but no tears

I don’t believe in happiness
No, m’dear I don’t
Happiness ended in misery
No, m’dear I won’t
Ever go there again

I don’t believe in gladness and joy
That’s for a religious fool
The smooth and even sadness
Is the much preferred tool
To work this petrified earth
There are but one rule;
Hope or love and you’re the fool
No sorrow but no mirth

I don’t believe in never-ending love
No m’dear I don’t
The last man has told me that
No, m’dear I won’t
Listen to such tales again

I don’t allow myself to be happy again
That’s not to say I never will
The laughs and love might come
As serpents in the night and thrill
My my heart while I’m asleep
I’ll never go there willingly, still
I miss him and I miss what I did kill
And buried within so deep

Fri vers av FruPlacebo
Läst 140 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2010-06-14 13:17

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