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Sex med glimten i etc (observera den dubbeltydiga rubriken;)

Love My Way

I thought vanilla was a pleasant taste
On the buds of my tongue so sweet
But now I know it’s such a waste
If you don’t spank me when we meet

I used to enjoy a light and soft touch
Caressing my breasts with such care
Now I don’t enjoy a gentle touch much
but followed by one firm as you dare

Regular intercourse used to be a thrill
Pretending to be holier than thou
Now I demand someone with skill
To bring out the beast I know is true

When you force me to kneel
And demand that I must obey
When you command me ‘Heel!’
You’re making love my way

Fri vers av FruPlacebo
Läst 159 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2010-06-14 14:09

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