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digging in the rain

Diggin' in my hole of misery
soon there'll be no pain
i'll be dancin' in the glory
and no one will complain

if you won't, I will. I will
release me from this chain
who'll listen to my story
when they see me on the news?
who'll care about my life
or this endless abuse?

my arms filled with pain
Diggin' in my hole of freedom
in this hard terraine
shovel after shovel after shovel
a ringing noice inside my head
I really need a towel
wish I could go back to bed
but need to dry daddys bowel
geez my life's in shreads

diggin' in the rain
my hard days will be over
there will be no pain
just need to finish
just need to keep on diggin'
feel my strenght diminish
but the dirt keeps fallin in
the rain's makin it harder
I keep diggin with a grin

never stop
shovel after shovel after shovel
I dig my happiness
try not to fall in
this hole is not meant for me
the strongest survive
you used to tell me, with the
belt in your hand;
you gotta do what you gotta do

Tonight, I gotta dig your grave in the rain.

Fri vers av Nette
Läst 187 gånger
Publicerad 2010-08-30 18:49

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