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My distant angel

There is an angel
at a distance
beconing me to take a chance

across a void so deep
further than a leap
demanding faith
cause the way is unknown

whispering my name
saying, I am her claim

the sound is to faint to hear
yet I long to get her near
so her words can reach my ear
and I can finaly wipe away every lonesome tear

every lonely night
against the cruel fate, a fight

days full of vain wishes
nights haunted dreams of kisses

some day I may hear her voice
some day make a choice

for her to choose
perhaps me
for me to choose
perhaps her

who knows
is she unknown
or someone I already know?

a possible future
a dreamed future

Until then
I dream of a distant Angel

Fri vers av Nikolai Jungsin VIP
Läst 221 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2010-09-21 21:55

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Nikolai Jungsin
Nikolai Jungsin VIP