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A.D 2011

A.D 2011

Release Us From Our Sins GOD Because It Has Been

Hard..We Were Caught Of Guard In 2010...

Will History Repeat It Self Again

Or Can We Heal Turn The Wheel...Of Fortune.


One Judge And Mighy King Will Raise His Sword

And Say...

I End All Terror My Way...

If You Try To Compete My Warriors You Will Meet.


Important It Is To Know Who Is The Leader of This Show..

A King With A Big wand In His Hand...

Discussions Of Peace And Healing Of All In The Land...

Of The Sand.


Brave It Is To Travell South...

Believe Me Before I Am Leaving..

You Will Be Seeing Me...Singing...

My Family Will Be Grieving If I Die.


True Knowledge Is Wisdom Of Understanding

GOD Within..And Letting Him In...

Love And Spirituality Has Its Own Cosmic Flow

And Enlightenment Will Make Mankind Grow.


A War At Hand In The Wholy Land...

Let Us All Meet And Unite..

Christians ,Buddists And Muslims Alike...

Our Fate And Faith Is In Our Hand.


There Is The law Of The Land And The Sea

But GODs Law Reigns Over Thee..

One World Order Is Not Ment To Be..

One God One Love Make Men Free.


Fri vers (Spoken word/Slam) av irenecbcn
Läst 310 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2010-12-31 06:01

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Men nu stån I efter att döda mig, en man som har sagt eder sanningen, såsom jag har hört den av Gud. Så handlade icke Abraham.Johannes 8:40

Påven annonserade 2011-01-01 att alla världens ledare skall ha ett stor möte om just att ena och leda oss till att vara förenade ...och inte splittrade.Jesus själv sa just detta;"You Are Determined To Kill Me A Man Who Told You What He Heard From GOD"...

  Larz Gustafsson VIP
I will never unite with those who deny that Jesus is God.
Never ever. I would rather die.
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