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First I was wishing for
The End of the Old
And the start of
Something new
Wishing for the
Days, Months and Years
To be shorter
To speed my Time to
The possible vivid Future
And get out of this so called Prison
That had kept my Soul, Body and Mind
For far too long

Now I wish for the
Years, Months and Days
To be longer

I’m looking back at the Past
Wondering what I did wrong
Regretting and Realising that
The Time had moved
Too fast for Me

Now I look at The Future
And only seeing
The colour Gray
Nothing but Gray
Just Gray
And I’m afraid of
What may come
Because when I
Sneak a Peak at The Future
Al I can see is
The colour Gray

Fri vers av 92 Lady J
Läst 266 gånger
Publicerad 2011-04-07 11:40

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92 Lady J
92 Lady J