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holism I - sporadic light

a sociogenic psychopath
controlled with emotions
barrels turning, twisting
controlled by emotions
querimonies are forbidden
controlled for emotions

tetragons becoming hexagons
heptagons becoming noctagons
decagons becoming circles
the essential recycle
recycle of life

never going to feel
like an autokrator
like a son of a king
like christ the redeemer
error in the system

a desperate myth seeker
feeding to the dead
eating gore like candy
feeding from the dead
your self-righteousness
feeding for the dead

kill the leader
we demand
to live on with life

i search for hedonism
i am ready for the sun
bring me everyone
and i will bring light
to become quintessence

heck, tomorrow is friday

Fri vers av pablodromedar
Läst 372 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2011-04-19 23:54

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  om en Siri
and friday, I'm in love! det känns mystiskt, jag vill förstå vad du menar och känner.

This text, to me, feels very dystopian. I don't know whether this is a conscious choice, but I can say that I find this to be very strong. It is forcefully written and has a strong emotion behind it. I like it.

(And I assume I don't really have to write in English, but I take every opportunity to practice. Sorry about that.)
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