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Någonstans mellan Newcastle och Edinburgh. (Läs gärna med Ray LaMontagnes "Lesson Learned" i bakgrunden.)


Strings of steel with cold embraces
drippling down, dancing down
And the warmth of my tears playing reckless games with the sun
tears of joy, of fear, of longing and of heartbreak

Tears of the mediterranean sea

Because we are senseless, and because I long to make sense
Because in the shadow of the moon I lie on a road illuminated by traffic, and in the light of day
green lawns garnished with maple trees stretch out before my eyes
And withered, tangled
the vines prevail in hidden spaces
Untouched by the sun

Daggers cutting scars through my existence
But I sense of beauty.

And so I find myself on the rail
reluctant to leave whatever land, whatever pavement, whatever cement that has crossed my path
deliberately moving forth
fearlessly going back
And the monuments are still standing

so when you reach me I'll be long gone.

Fri vers av Litage
Läst 256 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2011-06-01 17:58

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