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Reality is Fruit

There was an ease to her burdens
the day her heart gave out
It told her nothing of what was to come,
but it took her away from what had been
She felt happiness for the first time,
and it was glorious, it was freedom

She recognized truth when she finally encountered it
After lies that only tasted sweet
after you shut your eyes and clamped your nose,
Like rotting fruit, truth was long overdue

The stillness was safety, the silence was hope
The heat pressing down was intoxicating,
and somehow tasted like peaches, like berry wine
No-one could touch her then
No-one could hurt her anymore

For the first time in a long time she thought, maybe,
some day someone would want to understand

In her life she had seventeen seconds of love

Fri vers av Aniratak
Läst 177 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2011-07-03 14:23

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