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Ej totalt korrekt grammatik

The girl with the golden curls

He looked at his feet and then up to her again, she was so beautiful where she sat, at the other side of the campfire. Her long golden curled hair, her big green eyes, her small hands, her cheek, yes everything about her was perfect, perfect to him. A guy in the group was telling a ghost story, and everyone sat crouched under their blankets and listened tense.
He noticed that she was a bit nervous, she had been that for about a week now. He wanted to be alone with her at the campfire, just the two of them, so he could have the opportunity to talk to her, like he never did.
After all these years he had just observed her at distance. Just a few words about which classroom and which lession they had. How could it be so hard to just walk up in front of her and just talk about anything, to make her notice him.

Then suddenly a guy stood up and stretched his back, yawned and said that he was tired and had to go to sleep, his friends protested and convinced him to stay awake. They left the campfire and walked back through the wood to the camp. They had decided to play some football and the rest of the class followed them.
Only the girl was remaining.

Their eyes met for a second. And she just like him looked down at the ground for a long time, until he asked her how she was doing. She was a little bit shy so she answered with low voice,
almost whispered. - Not very well.
He moved closer to her so he could hear what she said. - Why, he said slowly, like he choosed words carefully.
They sat beside each other for a long time, just stared into the fire. And then she told him that it all started a late evening at the subway, she had been at a friends house, it was a lot of people at the tram and she was just going to jump out from it when she happened to bump in to a dark dressed man with a big black cap.
She was just going to excuse herself when he grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him.
He stared right into her eyes, with a gaze as cold like ice, she almost lost her breath. His face was full of scars and his eyes where bloodshot and stare. She tore herself free and ran for all that she had. She never looked back, just ran.
Block after block, street after steet until she tore open her door and ran up all the stairs to her apartment and locked the door behind. She dropped her bag and threw her shoes at the floor.
Exhausted she leaned against the window sill and looked out from her window. She threw herself down at the floor, there, outside he stood, like a shadow just staring into her kitchen. It took before she dared to stand up again, to look if he still was there, but he was gone.
A few days later he shoved up att the tram again when she was on her way to school, hiding in the background, behind all the people, following her, staring at her through his blodshot eyes.

She stopped, looked at him and the tears were running down her cheeks.
She hadn't told her parents, her teacher or even her friends about this man, not anyone. He laid his arm around her and pulled her closer, she was shaking and crying out loud.
- I thought i saw him earlier tonight, in the woods, she said.
He froze in fear.
He took matters into his own hands and spoke for them both when he decided that they would locate the rest of the class. They got up and went across the beach to avoid going through the forest. They started to run.
But they didn't get far before a large shadow appeared in front of them.
They panicked and ran terrified in diferent directions. He heard her screaming at distance. But he couldn't define were it came from.
He could hear his own heart beat inside his chest. It felt like he could touch it.
His breath and his footsteps were running faster. The dark surrounded him and all he could see was a stripe of moonlight shine on the sea.
He turned his head several times, trying to see something, but he could only hear that someone was coming up closer to him. He threw himelf out into the water and started to swim. But no one was coming after him.

All people, the rest of the class, teachers and students came out of their tents and stood at the beach wondering and shouting. All looked gaping at him, showered him with questions.
But he hadn't a single word to say, he just knew that he would never see her again.

Prosa (Novell) av Sophia
Läst 447 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2011-09-02 23:06

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