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"..oh America.."

Another wall, another wall we build
We who tore down the wall at 89
Yet another war and another and another and another
Go fuck yourselves with dildo shaped bombs that you are dropping on people
Burn down New York with napalm bombs like you did at Trang Bang
Drop an atom bomb on Los Angeles as you did in Hiroshima
I’ve seen your future, it is murder
You went on to fight terrorist and terrorist you became
Children’s scream on the streets are the manifest of your lost
Last time they went to school, there was no school left, teacher became soldiers, children became soldiers, women became soldier, sons and daughters became soldiers, friends became soldiers, everyone became soldiers
And soldiers die

Oh America
Land of the free slave owners
Land of the false promises
Land of visions, land of the lost visions,
Angels of Los Angeles are forever lost
Fuck you and your flag, your God, your false democracy, your false freedom, your health insurance, your demonic industry

Do you really want to go on war?
I do not think you do
Let’s once more tear down the walls, tear down both real and imaginary ones
Let’s tear them down and build another world
Let’s build new schools with the bricks of the same wall

Fri vers (Spoken word/Slam) av Pilgrim
Läst 244 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2011-09-21 10:27

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