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And still...

And still... It never cross my mind
that everything was real in my dream.
How could I know? I am human kind
and I have doubt everything I've seen.

I didn't know a mirror has a bottom
behind the glass somewhere at the wall.
But I suppose I should have push the button
to meet you there just before it falls.

The mirror has been broken in the pieces
but every piece reflect how I feel.
I'm lost in agony of fundamental misses
what was a dream and what was a real?

I have no answers. I gave up my seeking.
I lost my sense. I closed my open door.
And still... I can't believe I am speaking
I'm telling story I have been living for.


Fri vers (Fri form) av Julianna Strandberg VIP
Läst 180 gånger
Publicerad 2012-06-07 21:37

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Julianna Strandberg
Julianna Strandberg VIP