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Den här är väldigt personlig, egentligen. Helt enkelt ett sätt för mig att... göra upp med något som hände mig för drygt två år sedan, och som har påverkat mig väldigt mycket.

Thirty months

It seems ages since I laid my eyes upon you
Though it's just been thirty months, or so
Moved by the grace of a hazelnut angel
And the voice of a razor in young winter snow
I would sing a song to your beauty
With my vocal cords torn from cries
I could search the heavens for aeons
For a star that'd match your eyes

I remember your touch so cold with a warmth
And searing with truthful compassion
I felt like a dead man on amphetamine
Lethargic and broken, with fiery passion
I would write a tome to your beauty
With hands having broke from the sighs
I could search the oceans for lifetimes
For the pearls to match your eyes

Then there are the days I forget you, but
the blues, still keep you in mind
I think you might rather forget me, but
Please think of me, if you'd be kind
And I would write a poem to your beauty
It's here, in its broken mystique
I could choose the words to perfection
In my scrapbook of sorrow and teak

Here is my final gift to you
I gave you more than you cared
I like to hope you've forgiven me
But I won't post it, I'm all too scared

Fri vers av L. C. Nielsen
Läst 203 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2012-07-19 02:51

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L. C. Nielsen
L. C. Nielsen