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A need for reflection,
an obsession for perfection.
Need, is it the need for the greed that you always feed?
For what else is there to feed your greed that you so unwillingly need?

"Lie! Lie!" You scream, want to wake up, but no, this isn't a dream.
You're denying the fact that you're desperately relying, on a shame that's only yours to blame.

Dying, dying always trying,
"Bend over for me, stand on your knee,
maybe then I'll let you free"

Your brain is messaging you,
better let your thoughts and greed slip on trough.

We wouldn't want you to change,
how about you?

Fri vers av Caiisa
Läst 130 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2012-09-29 19:53

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