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bom bom bom, it's music each time.


Little Voilin, he liked the wind, his screams will follow me eternities back and forth .

Sir Piano, he liked to swim, but i drowned his bubbles, i am ... hydrofobic .

Mr Guitarr, he did run fast, but he did not catch me.


I do not remember, but relax.
I will figure it out eventually!

aah... you... you have not shown me your past, have you Darling?

I have got all day, i also do got all night...
Come to bed with me, I will hug you tightly.

The floor is cold, and it creeks, and i can hear you stand there quietly.
Do not look at the door. Look at me.

Please think "She's beautifull, aint she?"

Let's forget the fact: that ;

I am a siren. I capture men out on the sea.
They never come home again, i fullfill their destiny.

They are tho, not the men you thought they were.
As they saw me they was the pirates, savages and pigs they always have been.

I saved you from their hands and their lust, I sacrifise myself each day... my life, my love.
So that you can have yours.

Be thankfull, i am not... i was born this way, you where not.
I am a siren, it is who i am. I lure men from the boats in to the water.

I sing my song.
They become my instruments, to lure the next crew in.


Little Voilin, he is the wind.
Sir Piano, he drowns swimmers.
Mr Guitarr, he slows them down.

You... you should show me your future, Darling?


What is love, is it siren's song?

Fri vers av Novalill
Läst 143 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2012-10-12 01:53

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