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Beneath the summer sky.

Beneath the summer skies we lay
and watched the clouds pass by.
We had one chance at life and play
before our last goodbye.

Our bed was just a patchwork quilt
of sundrenched sand and skin
The future past that we had built
sheer agony had been.

I dipped my fingers in a stream
and walked along the shore.
Of endless love I dared to dream -
though doubt filled every pore.

Beneath the summer skies we lay
and stared 'til fall of night.
My self and ego split that day
in transcendental light.

Bunden vers av Orm den gamle
Läst 121 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2020-09-24 11:35

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  lodjuret/seglare VIP
If your eyes stair at a letterbox one hour or much less, Words vill come to you flying in from the air around your head, and those Words can be placed here like a train i at a station...

  AiA Maria den fria VIP
Tack för ditt ljus!

  the apache kid VIP
Very well crafted
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Orm den gamle