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When your woman leaves u for your best friend’s side.
When your father hits you and you don’t know why.
When your mother is crying, down on her knees.
You get wounds that never heal.

When your wounds gets to heavy, all you feel is despair.
Your body is screaming, but no one is there.
You’re chasing the dragon down to his lair.
You have wounds that never heal.

You are crying for reason, so stand up and fight.
Forget about the future, don’t think about the past.
Close your eyes, and seek your strength
In the wounds that never heal.

Now; you can forget about your woman.
Fight your father back.
U can comfort your mother, and help her to stand.
You have learned….
From your wounds that never heal.

Övriga genrer av charli
Läst 120 gånger
Publicerad 2013-12-13 21:29

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