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I am in a state of difficulty

My entreaties died in the caverns of your eyes.
And my flags surrendered to the winds of despair.
My days escaped to find your door closed.
And what good will I get from my streaming tears?

Two years and he didn't hear the melody of my strings.
And he didn't see the light of my sky.

I am in a state of difficulty,
a state of poverty, a state of weakness.

But I do not reveal my sorrow, I walk and smile,
So I hide from the people, my approaching death.
For if they knew what is the matter, they would try to console me.
And I know that they could not.

Deprivation rests upon my brow and sucks my blood.
And only he can allow me to smile.

You are forgiven for aborting my hopes.
The fault is not yours; it was my foolishness.

I wasted my procession in the desert.
And I came, looking for myself in your eyes.
And I came, looking for happiness in your embrace.
Like a child, I formed my innocent dreams.

Fri vers av Wafaa
Läst 197 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2014-04-17 16:32

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