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Before take off

The quiet days
the enclosed days that carries everything in its womb
like some kind of awaiting
or maybe more preparation
And you sort of keep things tightly to you
to make sure that everything is in its right place
Like before a journey
when you over and over again check
if you have packed passport money and ticket

Most of the time I sit
or run
When I speak
it is forced
- all the words will not tell what I want to say
So therefore I'm quiet most of the time

Lightgrey clouds
a lamina above the treetops
above the roofs
- the light that still seeps through

The language I was born into
was all about control and superiority
always from above
always attended by a black hole of inferiority

All these words
that rubbed down skin tenuously thin
were they armored longing
or a shield against a world of undefined sin
or simply designed to destroy from within?

I move through the mall
everything sticks to my skin
carves into my flesh
my blood
my bones
until I think I need
and I feel a growing greed

Still I see
like mirrored reflections
furthers back in the eyes I yet meet;
the forest at dawn
and the night with wordless answers
like ushering blazes in the sky

We are bodies in obliviousness
like incubating
like broodingly anticipating

And everywhere
explanations and again explanations
causal wordloops
moving like reptiles through our brains
like parceled illusions
like solutions for the stultified
all inquires set aside

Also time
the combat of time
the escalating of pace
the compression of space
turning the conceivable life into a coagulating maze
into a diminishing disgrace

But we have chosen it
we think that we have chosen it
We have reptilewords that gives the resolution
and we are in the loop
that leads us deeper into
articulate confusion

Enlightened thoughts
or reptilewords
I ask
what is what
and are there more
or is this all we have got?

new roads over ancient land
the Milaubridge over the river Tarn
an increasing distance
over the nourishing
over the arable

the wind swathes its elderly beard through towns
breathing heavily over mankind
who moves in circles of habits
devoid of expansive manners

Can it be
that we have misunderstood?
Yes there is real fear
as to guide
But then there is the dread
like a delusion in the backyards of our brains
because of the lack of comprehension
of the other
of the larger
of the unknown

So we choose dread
instead of enduring the uncertainty
we cling to these backyards
because the essence of dread is the same for our soul
as sugar is for our physical constitution
- we do not need it
but here is a certain tickling and addictive seduction

Love grows if it is love

It is said that the universe we know of
is constantly expanding

Something is telling me that that is true

In the dream I am everybody and she is making me so angry she who stands there and nags me about picking up the pizza that she bought and now dropped and lays there sticky over the banister

I turn my back on her
and walk away

When I wake up I write the letter
where I reject responsibility
for that which was laid upon me
but actaully belonged to thee

It lays on the window shield for two days
The sun is shining and I can see it swell in the envelop
On the third day I put it in the mailbox

Next morning
enclosed in heavy rainclouds
and deepgreen leaves replete with chlorophyll
- an oxygenmask over the citymouth and -nose

Everything breaths
everything is born and dies is born
and dies everything is

The murmur of the treetops
the din
over the world
in me
this silence
this inexorable wait
this quiet growth

I live on the outskirts now
where everything ends
where everything

Fri vers av AnnaMariaS
Läst 289 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2014-07-08 15:56

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