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Engelsk dikt mkt sanning men mkt överdrivet! som i början av texten hehe inte tagit droger på flera år!! men lite flum dum text i den tråkiga vardagen hehe :)

blacksheep in my.. family

im so drunk and high on the dope
i don't know what is real or joke
im so broke spent the last on a coke
i spill it out all over my coatch
my cigarettes get wet, as they float
I start to feel sea sick i'm creeper
im a fat whale who got the fever
feel so low as a midget goalkeeper
becouse i cant reach any goal
not even a dope hoe wants me close
i'm still unemployed, coz, low grades
home i got unraised, always cold plate
booze more fun, then me underaged
hated the way,never sober on days
so people warned others about me
as i were bruce lee, they all agree
I had not even learned to ride a bike
hated my life, played metal on nights
I watched movies the most were scary
i collected cans to buy some candy
were like a ghost nobody understand me
i was that boy nobody would adore
i constant knocking on people's door
avoided my home it's too dirty not pure

all tragedy.. is inside me..
im the blacksheep in my.. family
all tragedy.. is inside me..
im the blacksheep in my.. family

tragedy is in me, to all of you, I guarantee
not pleased, born with the goals I can never reach
the tragedy of me, you all have to agree
for sure, I'm the black sheep of my family


Fri vers (Fri form) av never2stage
Läst 224 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2014-07-17 00:32

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Tack så mkt genni :) får lägga in lite mer så får du läsa sen :)

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