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Song of a Mad Man

When the sun goes down to sleep
A warrior opens his eyes to reap
Lady in the water don't move at all
Sooner or later we have to fall
Dragons rule the sky with no mercy
Rulers face their tainted destiny
And all I do is sing about them
Because I don't have to face the end
No I don't have to face the end...

Shall I breathe within the lily
Pure white hearts are forever silly
Shades concentrate to depart from the canvas
Erasing anything everything has
Soulless children play on that ground
Once a place that only I found
Everybody is facing the war
All I do is feeding the scar
No I don't have to see the war...

Meaningless rhymes shall rule again
Poetry will be your only sweet friend
Canons and gunfire will toxic the air
Leaving a mark that they are here
Dragons that once ruled the sky like gods
Are replaced with machines, metallic frauds
Lady in the water she opened her eyes
All she could see was a red and black sky
Mothers and daughters is seen no more
Sons and fathers is in war for sure
All the suffering is burning the skin
And all I do is sing
Yes all I do is sing...

Bunden vers (Rim) av Shadowscence
Läst 211 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2014-11-03 19:35

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