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I'm lost in your mind mirrors




The wind of change
taking away her invisible cape
when she's dancing through the forest
with her golden sword in autumns fireworks
Everything is now
black and white


I'm lost
lost in your mind mirrors
lost in your sacred Forbidden City
lost in your fairytales .... Once Upon a Time …
like a non remembered season
like a recollection
of a past, long since perished

I see you
I can hear your silence
and the voices of your thoughts
I feel about an unsearched quest
of a speechless pleasure in your eyes
I know what you want to hear

Words are just words,
even if they are written by gold
They need a voice to bring them to life

Like souls needs faces,
like ships needs oceans.
Like garden needs flowers,
like love needs lovers.
Like me,
who needs your touch,
your trust, your kindness.

I am your instrument I am your notes
It's only in your hands I can find myself in harmony

Your Highness !

Please play,
Please play 

Fri vers av Marduk VIP
Läst 1043 gånger och applåderad av 7 personer
Publicerad 2014-12-22 15:24

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"I can hear your silence"

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