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Take Care

Though yesterday may be important
and invaluable when it comes to defining who you are
tomorrow is where your true path to happiness lies.
It's unchartered territory, that's true ,
but it's yours to mold and shape
as you wish.
Now is the time to define who you are,
to reach for the stars and create your fortune,
wether that lies in your heart, your soul,
or in earthly pleasures.

You are unique,
in this world there is no one like you
and that is the beauty about you.
You don't have to be
like somebody else to shine.
So let go of your fears
and walk with your head held high.
Know that if you follow your heart
and believe in yourself
you can't go wrong.

You may have made mistakes in the past,
but yesterday don't matter.
It's what you do with the rest
of your tomorrows that count.
So keep going,
walk with your head held high
and don't forget; Take care.

Fri vers av Elisabeth H
Läst 178 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2015-03-06 18:31

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  Lars Hedlin
Very nicely written!
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Elisabeth H
Elisabeth H