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The life-loving you

It pains me to hear that you're broken inside
that the life-loving you wasn't meant to survive
things must have changed for the worse overnight
'cause the last time I saw you, you were shining so bright!
but I guess I was wrong for believing my eyes
what I should've been doing was patching up your soul
asking you when your life got spun out of control
if you imagine tomorrow with hope or despair?
I know that life isn't fair, that most of your prayers
are nothing but words that are whispered in vain
I'm aware that it's tough to be down on your luck
that you're hurting so much that you're one with the pain
It's clear that your heart is far from entertained
that you go about your days like they're one and the same
I hope, for love's sake, that the life-loving you
finds a way to be reborn in the midst of the blues

Fri vers av Josimar Castro
Läst 560 gånger
Publicerad 2015-10-24 18:41

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Josimar Castro