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You can see them in the headlights. You can hear them through the limelight. You can feel them starring in the backlight.

Lost Souls

They walk; slowly across sleeping fields.
Silent footsteps; accompanied by a fading light.
Noise travels through the looming power lines;
as wolves & crows gather in their wake.

They never get lost; yet they never arrive.
A low hum brings them to their path.
The chill they breathe seems to match the distortion of metal structures.
Electric air floods into the open; but there is nothing there.

Every field has an end;
every structure has a limit to its reach.
A prayer can only reach so far;
'cause every soul has an expiration date.

(You can't follow their tracks;
unless you want to loose yourself in the path of nothingness.)

Övriga genrer av insidetheheartmachine
Läst 115 gånger
Publicerad 2015-11-01 21:53

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