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Jag är för långt bort från min studio med keyboard och inspelningsmöjligheter, men texten är klar...

We’ll always meet again



In a million words from now

Will I have told you all I want

How I hold you to my heart

Even when we’re far apart

Until we always meet again


In a million years from now

At least we’ve been together for a while

A moment of all time that’s passed

Even like when we were apart

For sure we’ll always meet again



And a million words away

What more is there to say

When I asked you, please stay

Without you all is gray, I told you

But we’ll always meet again



In a million words from now

What’s the story, what’s the point

In tracing back those moments that we had

When a million dreams came true

And the only thing I knew was that it’s me and you

And that we’ll always meet again

Fri vers av Gunnar Ideström
Läst 327 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2016-01-07 20:46

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Gunnar Ideström
Gunnar Ideström