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Removed from humanity

this world is beautify
it is pure
it is clean
it is divine
That is because the soul
of humanity has been removed from
true love is divine, pure, clean
true human connection is
well, you get the point.
Static, soulless interactions, are hollow
pointless, death energy based
fear came into this world
and corrupted our souls
and our mind began to fill up with this death energy
death energy claims it’s power from death
money, is death energy
a tree is only worth something when killed,
shopped down, made into something else.
A cow, is only worth something through death energy manipulations
and finally in death, become meet to be consumed by death energy creatures.
Everything here survives on its ability to consume the life energy of something else
by definition, it is all based on this death energy
this is why I believe the theory that this physical room, is a demonic manifestation,
because nothing divine would ever make a world, where survival only happens
when consuming life energy, and making death energy it’s base.
We consume, the consuming consumed.
But what about the life force?
It spurs from the ground,
into this world,
ready to consume or be consumed.
In this eggshell of metamorphous
the soul chuckles
and feeds on the death
the death of life.
A derange marriage
A blue haze
such a rare
and dangerous fruit
is that why over consumption is so deadly?
Because death energy out numbers the frail life force?
Too much, almost always worse than too little.
But I still love you
love you even though it is wrong
and I know it is in the realm of death energy that kind of a love belongs
I know that
But I still love.
Hunger is always the best builder for appetite
I reject, everything else.
Consume to live, but shelter the soul from that process.

Prosa av Alexander Gustafsson VIP
Läst 32 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-25 11:25

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  Live2Dream VIP
im on art music poetry sites
not much death energy there...
i listen to and make dark music
but its still powerful
still inspirating
and i listen to almost anything
had 3000 records before...
and was a music editor
at a small radio show
check us out :)

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Alexander Gustafsson
Alexander Gustafsson VIP