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det är en sån där jobbig eng text igen så skippa om du vill

The truth

angels gives you spiritual life
and demons give you physical life
to live long you need to live modestly but selfishly
give me you
or nothing at all.

I don’t care if it gets ugly
I don’t care if it gets hard
I don’t care if it breaks me
Just give me
all that you are.
what is better than wine?
- a good bike ride
- solving something difficult
- eyes filled with curiosity, soul and kindness – and flirts with madness
- a good behind
- the shapes of a woman
- writing sometimes, but not possible without it most times
- a good night sleep
- poetry, about real stuff
- but I can’t breathe in this narrow lifeless corridor, so I open another bottle, again to be a fool, to kill the boredom of time.
I give you clear blue skies
I give you the crackling of seagulls
I give you the whispers of the wind
the rattling of leaves
I give you children’s laughter and frantic child's play
I give you barefoot on sand, watch out for shells and glass buried in the calm sand
I give you boats slowly bobbing in the waves
I give you this
and the horizon
I hope you remember this forever.
I give you the madness
of never again being touched by you
and love by your lips
and never again seen by your eyes
I give you this rich longing
and nowhere else to go with it
nothing else to do with it
only to sigh, dream and long for it.
I give you that spark, to fend of the darkness.
I remember boots, dust clouds, kicking motion
I remember gravel road
I remember the breeze, it’s wild swirling whisper
I remember a bottle of wine
I remember innocence
I remember young life
I remember the clouds, and a blue shade of sky indescribable -
vastness, endless endless vastness
That was God, smiling
for once
I must have caught him on a good day
I didn’t remember in that moment, anything else.
now I am just an old fool
with a tired heart
somewhat broken
body and soul
tempted at first
lost interest at last
for present
and past

Prosa av Alexander Gustafsson
Läst 22 gånger
Publicerad 2024-03-01 18:16

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Alexander Gustafsson
Alexander Gustafsson