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two poems

# The Death of a Li(f)e

we all wear masks, I dance around your blue shadow
I’m a fly in the spiders web, struggling increase the chance of death
not giving a damn, means the spider will not notice you.
I think that is a metaphor for demons,
to how the system work, you know humans…
only love, love works differently
you must die endlessly in the spiders web for love,
love is a hungry insect.
The blue cult is real, people bled real blood
and a real life ends if you drain the body of real blood
everything is so calculated, we are made to believe
believe in the illusion,
the illusion of life, the illusion of what is real
the illusion that life is mere physical state
I’m filled with poison,
mental poison,
chemical poison,
energy poison,
nicotine poison,
alcohol poison,
love of poison, love is poison, here to poison us
don’t watch me,
don’t touch me,
touch yourself,
touch yourself to touch me,
dance to the shadow of the blue lie
I thought I was you,
I thought I was your pain,
I thought I could save you, how silly I am…
Am I your god? How could I grow such narcissistic thoughts?
Can you forgive me? Should you?
I bled because I needed to bled.
My pain gave my existence purpose.
But that was then,
and now is now,
I believe in nothing now.
I can let everything go,
even love.
I am a killer,
a killer of my own pain,
a killer of my own self,
I dissolve
I evolve
into nothing at all…

# why is it...

... that it feels like you're working hard not to let me into your life... but at the same time...
you feel very strongly for it to happen...
I can feel the conflict.
It's why I don't really get it...
But I will be smart about it.
And leave it be...

Fri vers av Alexander Gustafsson VIP
Läst 30 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-24 20:04

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  Live2Dream VIP
dikt 2:
ja, jag undrar...
senast är det en italienska
hon fattar inte att hon är kär i mig
vilket hon säkert inte är längre
irriterade henne...
lovers come and go
in the space of an instant
by love carries on
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Alexander Gustafsson
Alexander Gustafsson VIP