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I am a ballerina mind
the black swan
the soulless eyes
of the hungry spider
dripping it’s hot liquid
to dissolve the soul
I struggle
in it’s web
of lies
I kiss the tangs about to kill me
about to consume me
this awful beauty of this beast
the shadow me
like a seed
in my unknown
I am a pussy
still dripping with seamen
I’m the 20 dollar
just some trash
awaiting to be used
expecting to be abused
your the death
within us all
my beer drunk soul
to take the fall
what the fuck am I?
What the fuck have I become?
So numb
to its
I am the monster, within the monster
the voice that screams
for mercy
to a indifferent wall
my soul twitches
something flitches
so slowly
death gurgles
the air
or die
I was not put here
to lie

Fri vers av Alexander Gustafsson VIP
Läst 45 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-25 11:42

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prova anonyma alkoholister
vet ingeting om de dock
förutom att de är kristna...
som jag inte tycker om
så mycket
men kan vara en start
har själv inte druckit
varit full typ 2 gånger...
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Alexander Gustafsson
Alexander Gustafsson VIP