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Mina ord är en pensel och med dess pgärger vill jag måla så du ser kärleken ta form, för alltid för dig

I want to paint a picture for you!

I want to paint a picture for You!
Listen carefully! Close your eyes and picture a hill, a hill with stones and some grass. Can you see it?
Watch the sky it's gray and dark. The clouds are filling the sky and you can hardly see the sun at all. The atmosphere is strange and almost scary in a way.

I hear voices!
People are coming this way. Some of them are angry and some are crying loud, as if someone were dying.

Can you hear all
the noice?
I can see soldiers, the high priest, men, women, children. I can see sick, blind and lepras following behind. All of them are looking at something or someone

Wait a moment, there's a man! His body is filled with bruises and he's falling all the time. On his head there's a crown, made of thornes. He is bleading from its needles.
I wonder.
What could he have done?

The soldiers takes him to the hill that looks just like à scull. There they nails him unto a wooden crossI I'm craying as I hear the sound of the hammer drivning the sharp nails through his flesh and through his hands. As I watch him something's happening. He lifts his face toward the sky. Can U hear him cry out: Father forgive them cause they don't know what they have done.

What have we done?

The sun turnes into darkness and the day becomes as dark as the night. All sounds are quiet now, no birds are singing, no dogs are barking, no laughter from children. All is dead quiet.

For hours it's dark. Can you feel the chill, the cold, cold breeze griping your cheek. All that remains is sorrow. Sorrow as deep as death itself.
As I look at him I see that he's still alive! Hope is rising inside of me!
Suddenly I hear his voice!

It is Done! Father in your hands I lay my spirit
The earth is shaking, the rock is breaking, the whole creation takes a deep breath and screams to mankind "What have U Done. "
The son of God died in that moment on that cross!

What have we done?

I hear a small voice inside calling out to me, saying:
This is My offer to YOU my child!
I gave my life for U're sake!
What are You willing to give back to me?

All I want is your heart!

But wait it's not over!

He rose again!
He, Jesus, the Messiah is alive today!

Jesus died so that You could come before the living God! So that U could be healed. Your spirit will forever be broken without His grace!

The Lord saw you when you laid in your mothers womb. He sees YOU right ow and he is calling out to You so you could recive His life, His grace and healing for Your spirit!

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Publicerad 2016-10-06 17:02

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Qvinn n'Lion
Qvinn n'Lion