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Don't you dair like falcon
My style is fair when I cross like Malcolm
A mogul
And a maverick
With a savage trick
I spitz flow like that hydroshit
Ships go with my tide so swift
A captain captivating the captions with a casual gift
Apply a pitch
And it'll be like Quasi
A posse of plastic
Like Kool I'm classic
You pull a spool of drastic measures
When I stay on you like static pressure
A national treasure caged
I see the Cynes and rage against the hits made
Grips fade on the microphones
As I take centerstage blessing tones
with scriptures from ancient tomes
Spoken over broken drums and bones
Rise coldly from the stone
When I summon
Hoarse spoken
As my source's broken
My bars align stars
A barrage of comets cometh
When I draw a new style
A summit
You comment
I reflect like Xanadu
So do what you do
I come from those of Doom
Coin & Ta-ku cooking with Homebrew
Of course taught by Clyde too
I sink to the brink with the Pharm
While you stay foolish
As I take to the stars with the one Tron
Watch out son, out here the Pharaohs eat ya
You're a deep sleeper against this grim reaper
When I bless the speaker
Seekers no longer seek meek ignorance
An introspective innocence explored
Implored for stimulant of more artistry
leaving fakers heartless like Bartleby
When I spit talk cripwalk to part the sea
I spark the bush and slit the stalk for a giant killingspree

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Kieran
Läst 333 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2016-11-13 14:47

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