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So many years have passed
I thought that the pain would end
I still linger to my memories to last
Hold the grief close to me as a friend
To be taken away in our brightest hour
To be forced to live everyday without a father
For the black pain to the heart devour
To see what it did to my mother

So many years have gone by
And the scars healed over the years
Even though I still feel the need to cry
And the memories turned into white fears
To be taken from us in our young days
To learn the meaning of death by eight
So I lost all my hope and grace
And learned to live with requiem and hate

So many years have been so lonely
And still full of life, joy, climb and fall
Still I keep thinking, "If only
He was alive we would've have it all
Remember us wherever you are
Because we cant forget about you
Time will continue to heal our scars
As we look up to you into the blue

Bunden vers (Rim) av Shadowscence
Läst 105 gånger
Publicerad 2017-03-15 15:02

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