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The sign

You're always smiling and with a kind word
but, somehow, baby, I know you must be lost.
You're always giving me a juicy bone
so I can fall for your amphetamine and cross.
I do prefer to live my life alone
but, we had a good time in the past
and, who knows, maybe good times last -
don't forget, honey, to recharge your phone -
there might be something you haven't heard

My friends and your friends get along fine
and blues is adults crawling around.
You sing with high notes and great pain
but, silence is the most terrible sound,
I try to imitate your sorrow in vain -
pick up your bags and leave my base,
you try to fool me and I rest my case -
there are no worries at the midnight-train
and the bugle blow over moon-shine

Backyard-angels and motorcycle-heroes
guard my blues-tainted door with jealous love.
Stick around, baby, but, don't hang out -
You look like you can fly, you must be a dove -
I don't know anything of what it's about
but, I sure do wish I could fly
and drop a message for you in the clouds.
Unfortunately the sound's to loud
but, eventually I'll come by -
erasing the numbers, kicking the zero's

The cat's in the basement digging for gold
and my raincoat is worn down.
I wish I could write you some nice rhyme
but, I just tend to look like a clown
burying my rags in tenderness and lime.
Sour cream and corn ain't no good meal
and my pockets are empty like tombs,
please, baby, let me come to your room,
it's Saturday night and I know how you feel
but, yesterday you were so distant and cold

I'm the dog who never wags his tail
and you're an orchid, someone without scent,
I know we're a perfect match for now,
it must because of the years we haven't spent
together definitely entwined somehow.
Blues make you drift, that's for sure,
and these lonesome years I've had
has brought me to the rim of becoming mad.
You're the best, baby, so vivid and pure -
together we could buy a boat and set sails.

This is a bottle full of stones, an emptied glass of wine,
like a black shackle to the rain and no words on the line.

Bunden vers (Rim) av Lars Beermann VIP
Läst 122 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2017-02-23 15:07

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Lars Beermann
Lars Beermann VIP