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You Girls Are My World

You gave me hope when i was at the lowest!
You showed me the path when i was lost!
you and i we share a special moment!
I'll always keep you safe no matter the cost!

I still see the smile on your face when you held her the first time!
I've made some misstakes in her life, that is true!
But she is my pulse, my reason i still give it all a try!
You just can't see how much you two improved my life!

It's been a trip that i'll always remember!
for the good or the bad we stod together!
but i let you and myself down!

when i see my little girl growing up so fast!
i can't help thinking about the past!
the memories and the pictures!

Fri vers av TonySoderlund1
Läst 257 gånger
Publicerad 2017-04-16 16:45

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