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Those hidden paths

Somewhere off the beaten track
there's always something dwelling
gently, gently following your route
in daylight, at dusk, at dawn
smiling independently
at the edge of the forest

Somewhere down a hidden path
leaving some words unspoken
then hardly, hardly noticeable
among the trees a puff of air
humming very secretly
like a seafaring message

Further down that hidden path
you can sense them pipers calling
slowly, slowly riddles will emerge
and you'll find yourself singing
songs long forgotten and unlikely to
be found elsewhere

Strenghtened by surrounding rhythms
let the drumroll be your guidance
quietly, quietly life's expanding
in another glimpse with the queen of trees
yet to man in secrecy
wearing time like a costume

Now that awareness sets the scene
some zones aren't meant for exploring
smoothly, smoothly at a slower pace
there's this green bow from within
demanding but not absurd
promises for us to keep.

Fri vers (Modernistisk dikt) av BenGust VIP
Läst 195 gånger och applåderad av 5 personer
Publicerad 2017-05-21 15:20

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  Elinor Sörensson VIP
Really a masterpiece
Love it!

  Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Gillar :)

Åh, så bra! Imponerande.
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BenGust VIP