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In the land of the morning sun
When life started and it all begun
The force was strong, there where no doubt
I was laughing for no reason, I knew my right

In the land of the morning sun
When we where small and it all begun
The air was clean, and the sun was bright
Easy to know what was wrong and what was right

As children we had that power
Of clarity, we grew like a flower
We where curious and want to knew it all
We dared to try even if we knew we would fall

We were born that way, we had that in our system
It was our birth right, it was our anthem
I want to be clear in myself again
Stop to analyse, and the thinking that’s cause pain

Not dwell in the dark, wonder if I am good enough
Afraid of showing up, to be revealed as a bluff
I will trust my inner feeling, the core in myself
I want to be light in my soul, like an elf

The magic of learning was there from the start
The adults taught us fear, and it all felled apart
We started to think in our head, not in our heart
We forgot that our lives are not calculating, it is art

Bunden vers av Boine Alvastral Josefsson VIP
Läst 191 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2017-07-12 09:49

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Boine Alvastral Josefsson
Boine Alvastral Josefsson VIP