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~ In the scope of the entirety the lillies scent enchanted the entire space of her kingdom.
Freedom never felt as sweet and her light had never been given such unrestrained cordiality.
It was an exquisite piece of jewelry that now adorned her pale neck. Completed with a love that was spoken out of turn and left her enviable yet lonely.
The emerald-colored dress swept her through the romance as the dusky night drew closer. A slight sigh and a delicate gesture and she politely excused herself and removed the unwanted presence of false-hooded kinships.
The blind sight and reluctant acknowledgement of the stunning roses assumingely providing comfort but naught.
Summers rain bestowed upon her desperate leisure and relived her from regret.
Her deep green eyes slighted the distant admiration and she relived the rejection and burden upon her shoulders.
She gently removed the beloved neck-piece and called her truce with her destinies everlasting foe ~

Fri vers av Frida Branum
Läst 126 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2017-08-12 23:08

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Frida Branum
Frida Branum