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Christkiller Mannor

A small town in Europe, quite far to the East
T'was Christmas and people would gather to feast
A happy tradition, most holy and good
Except in one cellar, where they drank human blood

In the town's woodland outskirts stood homes in a line
Exteriors adorned, decorated and fine
But the largest house there was all sterile and clean:
The house of Shlomo and Shoshanna Shekelstien

For the evil in town, that place was to blame
And Christkiller Mannor was its terrible name
To the labyrinthine depths of the dungeons below
A procession of dark-hooded cultists did go

Candles in darkness, an altar of stone
A statue of Satan on his unholy throne
Two blonde Christian children of tender age
Sat scared in the corner, in a cold iron cage

The cage-door was opened, the boy they withdrew
A hood was pulled back, bared the nose of a jew
He unsheathed a dagger, equally crooked
And raised it whilst chanting, as the others looked

He brought down the blade. A bone-chilling scream
Such as scarcely imagined in the most twisted dream
A rope strung the child by his feet upside-down
As a strange light appeared in the sky o'er the town

Each cultist reached forth to catch blood in his chalice
They drank - this was seen by the boy's sister, Alice
She watched from her cage as they brought forth a sow
Above, all the heavens had started to glow

The filthiest things they did to that swine
All the circumcised males took their turns, formed a line
The pig had been taken, defiled, spoilt and hexed
And the girl in the cage knew that she would be next

They tore up her dress, pulled her out by the wrist
A toy for the chosen ones whom Christmas had missed
Herr Schlomo was first, willed his member to grow
Then God rained down fire on that Sodom below

Beware of these devils who hate all that's pure
They will orgy again as so often before
For them death is justice, their ruin's our good
Like the ruin where Christkiller Mannor once stood

Bunden vers (Rim) av jojelo
Läst 39 gånger
Publicerad 2017-09-14 02:06

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  Larz Gustafsson VIP
Julfirandet är en synd och har ingenting med biblisk kristendom att göra.
Alla var vi med och mördade Jesus.
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