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Egen bild, copyright Eva Akinvall Aurora morgonrodnad, vid Vänerstrand. 2 E

Aurora for two

Aurora for two

Come let us go
far beyond
the understandable
In to the mist
of hearts beating
low and so

We are heading
for future in love
between us and the people
who surround us

Love eternally
that is what we are
You and me, We

our morning is
Closer and closer
Opening new doors and days

We will
and we must
We can
and we strive
for that goal
we are meant to reach

I know
I believe
We will succeed

A new bright morning
A day it is to come true

Aurora for two
for me and you

So, not to hesitate
don't argue, debate
no need to, it is only in vain

Come on, the road is narrow
and long, but the goal
makes us strong
and will bear our bare feet along

Aurora for two
Yes that is so true
We will make it
I'm sure
Me and you

Aurora for two
So come go with me
The future together
we will then meet and see

Our ship struggling on the waves of the sea
The sails torn by the wind in this night
But we never give up the fight
to get it right
and reach a new shore, where the sand is warm and the soul will calm

Aurora for two
together we go
Yes it is so true
We will make it
I'm sure

Me and you
for future in Love
between us and
the people
surrounding us


Eva Akinvall
6 februari 2018

Bunden vers av Eva Akinvall (emca~vargkvinnan)
Läst 808 gånger och applåderad av 5 personer
Publicerad 2018-02-06 19:56

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Eva Akinvall (emca~vargkvinnan)
Eva Akinvall (emca~vargkvinnan)