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Mantra mot rädslan. Inspirerad av valedicition-dikter, avskedsdikter som välsignar den som reser iväg.

Valedicition forgiving fear

This is a wish to valedict our vagrant will
To further night of winter eyes far out of sight
To gather minutes at the gate of hours still
This icy garland wreathes an ocean\'s might

All of our nature on alert for dawns
A will of sunborn life is turning into signs
A will of water crowned by whirling storms
All of our winter will delayed in coastal lines

This is a winter wake in wishful hands
For beaches traced by firebrand and debt
For the unmeasurable extent of coastal lands
This is where formula of fear is kept

The winter eyes will fail no prey
The warriors of fear decay

So in the middle of my wish a palace, heaven-sent
When fog turns frosty, fancy being wry
We will return the poplar honey scent
To glitter in a necklace and go to die

At night be on our way to change the dice
Foul at last and late the bittern woes
The placing of the axes by our unlit eyes
The facing of our overwhelming foes

Soon we will trespass winter on forgiven ways
May we be willing to read it as a fully written page:
Each parting will be followed on by stern and fearful days
Every ruined wall will again be lit, as in a setting for a stage

But as a casting spotlight on a sudden call
Our scenes of nothing wishing to be all

This journey may be a mirage laced in praise
Of time scales set and gone today in ashes
Of one torn mantle in an elsewhere place
The brand of worlds glow in our flare of flashes

Horizon\'s crosses in a mistral grey
Still standing frozen in the dusk
The smallest seeds in pistils lay
Incensing daylight in the musk

This is a wish for an immediate release
From total transformation far away
To the exchange of coins for breeze
No debt, no blame, no dark delay

This is a mantle torn for chill of pain
Another garland fill of seed and grain

May when the month of August looks
At summer\'s sky of scattered scars
My will be yours when darkened brooks
Whirl past the broken bridge of stars

May you leave traces for the gone astray
Like mothwinged heading for the name of gone
On nomad moors towards the shorter day
Yet be a heat haze moving on and on

This is a wish to valedict our vagrant will to go
To wreathe the strains from bygone frights
To act the wish of a surviving need to grow
This larger land of fruits for winter nights

To wreathe in ravenblack the frames of nevermore
This is the valediction flamed in leaves of evermore

Fri vers av Eye Leo
Läst 788 gånger
Publicerad 2006-06-12 07:59

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Eye Leo