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A tribute to NASA:s ParkerSolarProbe´s mission to the vicinity of the Sun. This is what I call a "Sonnet in progress", as I have republished the poem when I have written a new stanza. The sonnet is now complete.

Circle rounds (Sonnet now complete.)

Each circle round it squares within itself
cocoons, equations all by shivers spun
weaved, into perennial equatorial shelves
lay bare, barely explicit puns.

Bundles bright contrive, all seem seam beams of light
conspire, in those mirror halls tiny mosaic bals.
Strings of shells perceive sway ringing kites
scroll through facts in heap, transcribe, glints enchant.

Pins n´balls so lightly game, gravitate
´twixt fields of shafts, gray signals glimmers lay
osmotic shields neat ´cipher cosmic rays
Mother Earth discards, or at bosom bays.

Circles rationale, note, set strings on our lyre
restraints originate, life, aspire.


Please, se note in the previous poem on
NASA:s ParkerSolarProject.

Bunden vers (Sonett) av Olof Lagerhorn VIP
Läst 44 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2018-10-01 10:36

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Olof Lagerhorn
Olof Lagerhorn VIP